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Aftercare »  Learning to Live Again

Learning to Live Again

Learning to Live Again

Life Applications for Healing from Grief

Presented by John Plunkett, Preston-Hanley’s Aftercare Coordinator.  The group will meet four consecutive weeks.  

Week 1 - The Nature of Grief – An introductory time for the coordinator to get acquainted with participants and explore the characteristics and duration of grief.

Week 2 - It’s Your Choice – Grieving becomes a choice. The group will address the fact that people have the ability to make the choice to heal from their grieving.

Week 3 - Finding Your Way – The focus in this session will be on navigating through the second year of grief.

Week 4 - Memories – Healing through grief is not meant to dissuade people from memories of their loved one, but to help them find ways that are not depressing to keeping their memory alive.

John Plunkett, Aftercare Coordinator

A retired pastor with 50 years of experience ministering to grieving families through hospice, funeral services and aftercare programs, John has a genuine concern and pastor's heart for helping people who are hurting.

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