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Obituaries are so much more than a public notice that a friend or loved one has passed away.

Jeanne Martin

8/29/1933 - 6/28/2018

Jeanette Wilson - Neighbor

To the family of Jeanne, please accept my sincere condolences. Jeanne and I had one of those friendly acquaintance relationships where we’d greet each other warmly in the elevator or while passing in the hallway. I enjoyed those brief visits and will miss her. I will always remember Jeanne and when I think of her it will be with fond memories, warm feelings and a smile as I know I will see her again some day when she is tending her gardens, breathing in fresh air and sunshine, unencumbered by ailments and discomforts. May you find comfort in your loving memories of Jeanne and peace in the coming resurrection knowing she is safe in the love of her Heavenly Father.