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Obituaries are so much more than a public notice that a friend or loved one has passed away.

Wanda C. Rauch

9/24/1921 - 7/2/2018

Martha Dunnam - Friend

When Harry and Wanda lived in Green Valley, they were friends of my parents, Woodrow "TEX" and Lucille Dunnam. In fact, Wanda was close in age to my mother who was born in 1918. So, they were definitely on "the Christmas card list". After my mother passed away, I assumed responsibility for sending out the Christmas cards and continued to keep in touch with Wanda and Harry. It was nice to hear from them each Christmas and then last year, the letter was no longer written by Wanda but by her daughter. It made me sad that Wanda could no longer "keep in touch" herself. My sympathy is extended to all the family and friends who will miss Wanda's presence on this earth and will grieve her death. But, I Praise God that HE has made a way for us to live eternally and that Wanda is now enjoying Heaven and has re-connected with my parents and renewing their friendship. I look forward to seeing her again when God calls me home. Until then, I am keeping you all in my prayers as you journey through this time of grief. With sympathy and love, Martha Dunnam - Green Valley, IL