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Obituaries are so much more than a public notice that a friend or loved one has passed away.

Diana Drew

1/14/1959 - 9/29/2018

Alecia Arreguin - Granddaughter

Gigi? Can you please tell me good morning one more time? So I don't have to tell you goodnight. Please just one more time. I know you told me I needed to be the strong one for the family. How can I be strong for everyone else when I can't even be strong for myself. God took one of the few angels I had left in my life. You always were the light of my life. Grandma, i finally got your iced coffee right. It was 6 sugar, 6 Splenda, 8 creamers, 11 shots of coconut, easy skin milk, halfway filled with ice, and make it a large. I remembered it though. I did everything I was afraid to do, I conquered my fears. Just like you said I would! I am going to accomplish my dreams next! I know you will be there for me. You have helped carry me through everything I have done in life. I will always appreciate everything you have done for me. Until we met again, sleep well Gigi. I love you.