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Obituaries are so much more than a public notice that a friend or loved one has passed away.

Diana Drew

1/14/1959 - 9/29/2018

Esperenza Pimentel - Granddaughter

Hey Grandma... Its me essi... I know I havent been the best grandchild. And I know that you wanted me to try harder in life and thats what I'm going to do. I'm going to follow the advice you gave to my mom and be the person you wanted me to be. And Dont worry about mom I made a promise to take care of her and thats what I'm going to do. I love you Grandma and will always remeber the great moments I had with you.. Even if the moments were short the meomories were great. And you may be gone now but, your smile, your laughter, your beautiful face all lives on in our memories. And that is something noone can take away and erase. Thank you Grandma for being the best mom you could have been to my mother..Yolanda ? if it was for you grandma I wouldn't have the wonderful mother. I have now. And for that grandma I will forever be in debt too you. Even if your gone.